Im a thinker


I always over think stuff. I tend to over think the littlest things dont know why. I don’t do it on purpose. I just start thinking about something then cant stop. Like I’m moving soon to Florida. I can have a better life there. But then I think about all the things that can go wrong. Then start thinking negatively about the whole situation. But now I been just trying to push those thoughts to the side. Being optimistic. I have to just go for it. Not be scared of the change. Sometimes change can be really good… This is my first time really writing something on here. I wasn’t sure what to write but then just thought I would just write as if I was writing in my journal. Yeah people might see it. But Its not like I know anyone on here. I’m just expressing myself. I like to write. Its been awhile since I really have but thought this could be a good way to go back to writing. And this time I will be heard . Not by alot but maybe that one person that can really relate to me ..


——- KP  


About kivette4

I'm 23 years old. Living life expressing myself. any questions?? email me...
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