And so it begins..

Pain is weakness leaving the body ”

That is what I read in a book. And of course there’s always something I read that catches my eye and that was it. I read alot of sex books. Well romance with alot of sex. But it always intrigues me. I get into it and wish “why cant I find that?”. To be truthful its not mainly the sex I wish that can happen to me but I just wish finding a guy like in those books could actually happen. But lets be realistic shit like that doesn’t happen. Yes there are guys out there with same personality’s but usually you wouldn’t like them back in that way or not attracted to them. It just sucks I read these books and get my head so rapped into them that once I finish the book I feel sad. I mean for god sakes im only 21 but I feel like I will never find love that’s meant to be. Lets just say the people that write those books are really good writers because I constantly daydream about whatever I read about that moment actually happening to me. It truly definitely sucks.


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